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Technical Staff

Technical Staff means each of the employees of the Companies and Subsidiaries who as part of their job responsibilities are involved in product or service research, engineering, conceptualization, design, testing or similar activities.

A technical skill is the ability to carry out a task associated with technical roles such as IT, engineering, mechanics, science or finance.  The majority of technical skills require experience and sometimes extensive training to master.

Member Technical Staff Responsibilities and Duties. Establish technical specifications for wireless systems. Assess and develop new advanced technologies by translating strategic business goals into final design. Lead small groups or teams for effective project management and delivery.

Our technical staff always perform their best for our customers and they involve themselves to provide best in Agro firm industries.

After selling of Feed and DOC, this team provides the technical support to the Dealers and farmers in the grass-root level. The main purpose of this support is to market promotion and strengthen the sale of Layer, Broiler, and Cattle and fish feed and Day Old Chicks (Both Layer and broiler chicks) and to increase sale volume for the expansion of the Company. 


  1. Technical support to the Dealers and Farmers in the field level
  2. Organize the Technical seminar on Broiler, Layer & Cattle farming with stakeholder and farmers
  3. Develop the Promotional materials for the Technical knowledge and awareness build up on Broiler, Layer and Cattle rearing and management to the farmers.
  4. Summarize the weekly & monthly Broiler & Sonali FCR and Layer performance report and sharing with Chairman, MD & CEO and others Higher Management.
  5. When any customers provides any complain about feeds and Chicks, we consider the complain cordially and try to solve the complaint and provide feedback as early as possible.
  6. Intensive work with DGM(S & M), DGM (Feed mill), and Head of DOC for better performance and market promotion and solve the field feedback as early as possible.
  7. Leading the Field Team for smooth handling the Dealers, Farmers and others stakeholders.

Total staffs in Technical support team is 25 Livestock expert Doctors, out of 25 one Technical Consultant in Head office, Dhaka and remaining 24 Zonal consultant in the field level.