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Sonali Feed

The Quality feed to the birds gives quality results. The good Sonali feed can maximize the performance and production of the birds. The feed should be packed with Nutrition So that the birds can produce more amount of Nutrition for Human Beings in the form of Meat and Eggs.

Sonali feed is a mixture of cereals, cereals by-product, Vegetables, Soybean cake, Animal Protein, Feed supplements, Feed Additives, and premixes.

Sonali feed is the key part of the Sonali Business.  There are two major costs involved in Sonali Farming the first is chick costs and the second is feed cost.

The 70% of costs from the total cost is spent on the Sonali Feed. The feed cost can be minimized and include an extra margin in the profit. A better feed can simply help in enhancing the Sonali Breed and save the Birds from Major Sonali disease.

Here we give a brief account of poultry feed formulation methods or How to Make Your Own Poultry Feed for the Sonali.

Every Poultry Business person should know the feed formulation to improve feed quality.

Details of Provita Feeds Sonali Feed

Name Of Item Grade Nature Of Feeds Code Weight Per Bag Feed Size Uses Period (gm/ Days)
Sonali Stater 109 50 Crumble 01  – 40 Days
Grower 111 50 2.5 mm 41 Days – up to   Sold