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Provita group is engaged in producing, marketing and managing Poultry feed, Cattle feed, Fish Feed, Commercial Chicken, Layer Chicken and DOC. Description of products of the group are as follows:

Poultry Feed: We produce poultry feed for Layer, Boiler and Sonali/slow growing chicken. Layer Chicken is reared for egg production and Boiler or Slow growing chicken is reared for meat production. For Layer we produce Layer starter & Growing for grow out period and Layer-1 & Layer-2 for laying stage. For Boiler & slow growing chicken we produce starter Grower & Finisher for different age group to meet the exact nutrition requirement for that stages.

Fish Feed: We produce sinking and floating feed for Fish. For each Fish we produce different sized feed for different age and size. Floating feed is more effective than sinking, it increase the digestibility feed and reduce wastage. We produce deed for Pangash, Telapia, Koi Magur Sinking, Carp, Pabda & Gulsha.

Day old Chicken (DOC): This is the one day old chicken ready for start raring in the farm, we rare the parent for producing Hatching Egg and that eggs are used in hatchery to be hatched and we get DOC which is being sale to the farmer through our distributors.

Commercial Chicken: DOC is cultured to produce 1.5-2.00 kg chicken for meat which is sold to market as whole bird for meat. Beside than the parent stock chicken after completing its laying cycle we sale it to market at the age of 65-70 weeks for meat.

Layer Chicken: Layer Chicken is the chicken which is reared to produce egg. This chicken start egg production from 18-20 weeks of age and lays it upto 100 weeks. When the chicken reduce its egg production below the profitability range, it is being sold to market for meat.

Fish Fry: Fish fry is the very beginning stage of fish life. In the fish hatcheries Brood Fish is reared. From Brood fertile egg is collected. These fertile eggs are circulated in specified tank or tray for being hatched. These eggs passed through embryo-Larva and fry stage to be a small fish which is call fingerlings. Hatcheries generally sale it at fry stage. This fry is further reared to grow into fingerlings which are released to culture pond for culture.

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