Provita Group

Provita Group


Vision Mission

Provita Group has a large vision to develop agricultural fields in Bangladesh. We get a lot of acquaintance with Provita Group. Provita Group will keep the country’s economy afloat. Provita always strives to maintain the best quality products and for this purpose collects the best quality raw materials from outside the country and within the country.

By 2030, our Provita Group will go out four times more. In the future, we have grown into a huge organization with a network of countless business associates with more than a thousand employees and a mix of friends and well-wishers around the world. With a strong professional and dedicated management team, we want to make an empire change in the history of agricultural industries.

All of Provita equipment is of the best quality in the world. Provider Manpower is experienced, committed, sincere and loyal to the organization. Our customer service and relationships with traders and farmers are better than others and when a customer provides a complaint about feed and puppies, we sincerely consider the complaint and try to resolve the complaint. I do and I can respond as soon as possible.

Provita Group is a popular agro company in the country. Bangladesh responds to the reputation of our country.

The people of the country have learned to rely on us. We and the people of the country have succeeded in relying on us. The people of the country have learned to take initiative for Provita Group. They want to be successful now by doing business. They don’t want to be left behind now, they want to be enterprising.

We therefore are planning to grow up with the largest Argo Group in our country and in this sub-continent. Also we want to spread ourselves as the world one of the largest agro groups in between 2030.


To be the most chosen brand in the industry guaranteeing consumer nutrition and satisfaction


  • We shall upturn our market share and turnover by 100% in every three years.
  • We shall remain socially devoted ethical Company.

Our Spirit:

  • Our consumers are our stakeholders
  • Our people are our life line
  • Our shareholders are our bases
  • We proudly bring inspiration, strength and health to the societies through the affiliation with our customers.


Our aim is to add value to the life, to outperform the peers in terms of safety, healthy, hygienic, environmental friendly, revenue growth, earnings and cash generation. We will be the employer of Choice for all existing and future employees.

Our Values:

Respect : Show an attitude of courtesy, admiration or honor
Integrity : Act consistently with Provida’s mission, being honest and transparent on what we do and say and accept responsibility for our collective and individual actions
Commitment : Be sincere and persistent to protect Provita’s interest And achieve goals
Excellence : Never be satisfied with simply meeting expectations; always try to exceed them Expressively.