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Layer Feed

We provide layer feed to whole Bangladesh. Layer feeds are designed to provide optimum nutrition for birds laying eggs for consumption. Layer feeds contain 16% protein and have increased levels of Calcium, for proper shell development. Layer feeds should be fed starting around 18 weeks of age, or when the first egg is laid, whichever comes first.

Add calcium to the hens’ diet, at the right time. After about 20 weeks, you need to up the amount of calcium you’re laying hens consume. Laying hens need 2.5% to 3.5% calcium in their feed, which is higher than other chickens. The calcium will help provide the proper nutrients to support healthy eggs.

To make feed for laying hens, start by mixing whole maize meal, soya, fish meal, maize bran, and limestone powder into a large bucket or barrel. Once you’ve added all the ingredients, stir them with a shovel until they’re well mixed so the chickens get nutrients from all the ingredients at once.

Yes its fine, the finisher is usually around 15% protein. If it’s between 15% to 18%, it’ll be fine. But it’ll be way too low in calcium. You will need to add additional calcium.

Easy Feed Organic Broiler-Finisher is a high energy ration designed as the finishing feed for broilers. This feed is available in a meal form for high consumption.

Details of Provita Feeds Layer Feed

Name Of Item Grade Nature Of Feeds Code Weaight Per Bag Feed Size Uses Period (gm/ Days)
Layer Stater 112 50 Crumble 01 – 08 Weeks
Grower 113 50 Mash 9 Weeks – Eggs production
Super Power Layer Layer – 01 117 50 Mash Start Eggs Production – 55 Weeks
Layer Layer – 02 118 50 Mash 56 Weeks – Culling
Classic Layer Layer – 01 119 50 Mash Start Eggs Production – 55 Weeks
Layer Layer – 02 120 50 Mash 56 Weeks – Culling