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Cattle Feed

There are different systems of feeding cattle in animal husbandry, which may have different advantages and disadvantages. Most cattle in Bangladesh have fodder that is composed of at least some forage (grass, legumes, or silage).

In fact, most beef cattle are raised on pasture from birth in the spring until autumn (7 to 9 months). For pastured animals, grass is usually the forage that composes the majority of their diet. Cattle reared in feedlots are fed hay supplemented with grain, soy and other ingredients in order to increase the energy density of the feed.

The debate is whether cattle should be raised on fodder primarily composed of grass or a concentrate. The issue is complicated by the political interests and confusion between labels such as “free range“, “organic“, or “natural“. Cattle raised on a primarily foraged diet are termed grass-fed or pasture-raised; for example meat or milk may be called grass-fed beef or pasture-raised dairy.

The term “pasture-raised” can lead to confusion with the term “free range“, which does not describe exactly what the animals eat.

Cattle on feed are animals being fed a ration of grain, silage, hay and/or protein supplement for the slaughter market that are expected to produce a carcass that will grade select or better.

Details of Provita FeedsCattle Feed

Name Of Item Grade Nature Of Feeds Code Weight Per Bag Feed Size Uses Period (gm/ Days)
House Feed Pellet 107 25 2.5 mm Sold Period
Cattle Super Power Dairy 144 25 6/4 mm For Milking
Fattening 147 25 6/4 mm  For Fattening
Classic Dairy 346 40 6/4 mm For Milking
Dairy 145 25 6/4 mm For Milking
Fattening 146 25 6/4 mm For Fattening