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Broiler Feed

Broilers are very fast growing birds, and they require more protein enriched food than layer poultry. And adding an adequate amount of protein to broiler poultry feed is the most important and expensive part of broiler poultry feed. You can add both animal and vegetable protein in their food.

Broiler chicks require broiler starter feed for the first four weeks of their life. The broiler starter feed should be at least 20 percent protein, preferably 23 percent protein. After four weeks, you should feed a 19 percent protein feed (broiler developer or finisher).

A broiler chicken will eat about 1 kg of starter, 1.5 kg of grower and 1.5 kg of finisher to reach market weight.

Provita group produces millions of boiler feed and it spreads its products all over Bangladesh. We collect and serve boiler feed to boiler firms.

A broiler chicken should be fed high protein complete feed. Purina® Meat Bird Feed with 22 percent protein contains targeted amino acids to support rapid growth and help broiler chickens reach market weight efficiently.

Details of Provita Feeds Broiler Feed

Name Of Item Grade Nature Of Feeds Code Weaight Per Bag Feed Size Uses Period (gm/ Days)
Broiler Super Power Starter 101 50 Crumble 01 – 12 Days
Grower 102 50 2.5 mm 13  – 25 Days
Finisher 103 50 2.5/3 mm 26 Days – up to Sold
Classic Starter 104 50 Crumble 01 – 12 Days
Grower 105 50 2.5 mm 13 – 25 Days
 Finisher 106 50 2.5/3 mm 26 Days – up to Sold