Quality Control

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Characteristics of Provita feed:

1. Provita feed uses automated computerized machine called stolz sequipag Sera Auto Matisemsa from France for feed production which is a modern world’s latest technology.
2. This feed produces by efficient and direct supervision of experienced scientists in the field of animal nutrition from Home and Abroad.
3. This feed produces on computer based reshon formulation program and quality controlled in the modern laboratory.
4. It keeps maintaining the best reshon quality, as the auto dodging of food ingredients done in a computerized machine of this feed.

How to use super power feed:

1. Super Power Starter – 1st to 12th day
2. Super Power Grower – 14th to 24th day
3. Super Power Finisher- 25th to till sale end.

How to use super classic feed:

4. Classic Starter – 1st to 12th day
5. Classic Grower- 14th to 24th day
6. Classic Finisher- 25th to till sale end.

Place Selection:

1. Flood free zone will require
2. Have to ensure Adequate light and air with Water Availability
3. A good communication system will require
4. Good quality soil and water will require
5. pH 4.5-6.5 for soil and pH 7.5-9 for water will require